Amanda, Founder 


Amanda has over 15 years of business experience, spanning from owning and running brick and mortar businesses, to now managing her own marketing agency. She’s a Facebook ads geek, and loves helping e-com businesses thrive. 

Amanda is…the ideas machine that powers why we do what we do. She loves asking big questions, and coming up with even bigger answers.

Debbie, Operations Manager


Debbie is a master of management, and has experience in running everything from small recruitment companies, to big catering businesses. She has two true loves: people, and processes.


Debbie is… the one who keeps the wheels turning. She is responsible for the why and how- why do we do what we do, and how can we do it better? 


Gemma, New Business and Partnerships 


Gemma has a wealth of experience in developing great brand relationships, and has previously co-founded a digital marketing platform as well as worked alongside huge brands to secure six figure contracts.


Gemma is… the friendly face of SOUP, and prides herself in keeping open and positive channels of communication with our clients.    


Joe, Media Buyer

Joe is data-driven and technically minded, and has years of experiencing managing big budget ad accounts across many different niches. 

Joe is… an ads strategy genius. He loves digging deep into the data to find the magic formula for huge revenue growth.


Marley, Media Buyer and Creative  

Marley grew within SOUP from an intern to a Media Buyer, using her creative eye to create killer ad campaigns. She is obsessed with all things visual or wordy, and brings this to driving conversions for clients. 


Marley is… all about the bigger picture. She’s all about driving strategic brand growth through consistency in content and marketing campaigns.




Shannon, Media Buyer 

Shannon came from managing hospitality businesses in Australia to our agency, and brings her detail-orientated and growth-focused mindset to managing client ad accounts. 


Shannon is… obsessed with delving into granular detail. She loves focusing on facts and figures, and using these to drive conversions.