I spoke to a lead this week – he told me he wanted to grow his e-com store through Facebook™ ads, but he wanted to test ‘organic traffic’ first.

I asked him what he understood organic traffic to mean for his brand new Shopify™ store – his reply was worryingly familiar.

“You know, people from Instagram and Facebook… and Google”

Digging a little deeper, it became clear this new e-commerce store owner thought that by posting regularly to his Facebook and Instagram™ account he would gather hoards of eager buyers, waiving their credit cards at him, desperate to be the next one to be seen in his brand new, yet-to-be-recognised-or-given-any-brand-status fashion label.

This isn’t to be harsh, as entrepreneurs we all MUST think our product is the best thing since sliced bread, or we wouldn’t jump through the hoops we do to get to the point where we can actually sell it – designing, funding, manufacturing, importing, negotiating…. the list goes on. And on.

So it’s KIND of understandable that we think everyone else would feel the same… I’m sorry to be the one to tell you that they won’t.

Unless you can provide your customers with a compelling reason for them to shop with you – they just won’t. And that’s if you can reach them in the first place..

Do you have an audience?

Have you built one organically? (I doubt it if you are a brand new store)

Have you… BOUGHT followers?? 😱(the SUREST way to reach the WRONG people)

My point is that I see all too often that people put so much time and effort into getting to the point of opening their store, they don’t consider how they are going to get paying customers to the door, let alone through it and all the way to checkout. (Do you even know your conversion rates?)

You don’t have the luxury of a shop front on a high street.. there IS no footfall, and to be blunt – no one cares about what you’re selling.

It’s your job to give them a reason to care by finding them and showing them you have a solution to their problem.

That is why it is so important to have a planned strategy, a step by step journey to take the customer through your funnel by delivering relevant, contextual content to them as they go through each step from awareness, to consideration, through to conversion.

At SOUP Social, this is something we spend WEEKS on for each client, researching the market, analysing competitors, building and testing audiences, hooks, creative and copy before finally having enough data to forecast a plan to scale. And that is just the beginning.

If you are serious about making your store a success and smashing through the next level of sales, PLEASE don’t kid yourself that people will just come to your store, without a solid strategy to drive them there, you are just another voice on a feed. And it is too common these days to see people pour their heart into something they LOVE, only to end up with a warehouse of stock and no plan to sell through.

By seeking out new audiences in the most unlikely of places, delivering them relevant content at each stage of their buying decision, converting them, and then turning them into loyal brand ambassadors that will buy again and again, you are building sustainable, predictable and SCALABLE traffic.

By using experienced marketers to do this, you are essentially outsourcing the whole revenue generating piece for your business. So next time you think about hiring sales people, paying commissions, or worse still… leaving it to chance, consider how much better off you would be by using an agency who have done this time and time again. Who have the experience of building traffic, and growing e-com stores to over $100k months.

Getting sales and growing your business is WAY too important to leave to chance, and by using the professionals, you are giving yourself a fighting chance!

Interested in growing your e-com store beyond $50k months? Get in touch and let’s discuss how we can help!