This week has been a stressful one, and if you’re like me and your business revolves around Facebook, I’m sure you’ll agree! Facebook have been tweaking things behind the scenes and making lots of mysterious changes to the infamous algorithm, and it’s caused total havoc with all our ad accounts.

Conversion has been down across the board, pixels haven’t been tracking as they should, and Apple’s iOS and Facebook have once again been clashing and disrupting things even further. Everybody I’ve spoken to has reported an absolutely dire ad performance over August, and we’re all collectively praying that things turn around, and soon!  

However, in times like these there are definite learnings to be made. If this week has made you realise that your business is totally dependent on Facebook ads to bring in revenue, it’s time to diversify. Facebook advertising is amazing, but it can be volatile, and these periods of diminished performance can seem scary if you don’t have other elements of marketing to support your ads.

At SOUP. we operate a full service marketing approach because we know that there’s more to growth than just Facebook marketing, and that sustainable and scaleable growth of an e-com business is about creating an entire marketing ecosystem to support the brand, and moving towards looking at the bigger picture.

For example, email marketing is one of the most powerful tools an e-com biz can have in their arsenal, and is an absolutely integral part of the sales funnel. With Facebook ads bringing in cold traffic, having some killer email automations, as well as a newsletter can be an amazing way to keep people warm, and nudge them down the funnel to checkout.

We always recommend having a solid email marketing strategy to our clients and work with them to create this, as successful email marketing should be driving around 20% of your sales, which is a huge chunk of revenue! 

When a solid email strategy is in place, you can really drive push for sales from warm audiences, and we were able to achieve this for a client account recently that we worked on the email marketing for. I want to give you a breakdown of what my agency’s strategy was for driving this email marketing revenue, as I think it may provide you some insights that you can apply to the email marketing of your own e-com business. Keep reading for the case study: 


An e-com fashion brand looking to sustainably grow the business to £50k months, with a combination of Facebook ad strategy and email marketing.

They already had a great product, a granular understanding of their target market, and a community of engaged shoppers in their private Facebook group.


For our email marketing strategy to be effective, we knew we had to completely embody the feel and tone of the brand. We put a lot of time into perfecting the design of the campaigns, including developing animated creative that perfectly fitted the brand style, meaning it could also be utilised across other platforms and in our ad strategy.

We carried out significant research on the client and their available data to find the key days and times to send out emails, and because we knew we were targeting engaged shoppers, we used a combination of multiple weekly newsletters, plus resending to non-openers, to generate maximum revenue and engagement.

Through a combination of closely examining Shopify metrics and knowing the persona of the brand and their consumers, we were able to fine-tune our email strategy and create incredibly successful email campaigns.


Over a period of three months, we generated £25k in revenue, grew their email subscriber list by 50%, and created content for them that was able to be cross-posted across multiple platforms to generate further revenue.

We also achieved an average open rate of 26% which is significantly above the benchmark for an e-com store, and a CTR of 3%.

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