Well well well, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks! 

It’s been all go, all of the time, as we have juggled taking on amazing new clients, introducing a new member to our team, and expanding the marketing packages we offer! It’s been A. LOT. 

But even so, we’ve managed to pull in some absolutely amazing wins for the fashion e-com clients we currently manage, and we couldn’t be happier or more excited about these results! There’s nothing better than bagging great results for your clients, especially when you know they are just as passionate about scaling the business as you are, and you are confident that with a little bit more work you can take their success to EVEN HIGHER heights. 

I want to focus on one of the biggest wins of our weeks so far, a fashion e-com client we’ve recently taken on who we’ve managed to snag an incredible 22x ROAS for, which is insane when you consider that the industry average is around a 3x return! This has resulted in us almost doubling their revenue in the space of a month, and I want to delve into how we did this and hopefully give you some inspiration for your own ad strategy. 


With this client, our team were so excited to be working with them because we could really see the possibilities of some serious growth, and being able to help achieve this was such a fantastic feeling. But how did we know this client had amazing potential? Simple: 

  • Their clothing is high quality, personally curated by the brand owner, and perfectly fits the style and demands of their audience
  • They have tapped into a niche audience that is often underserved and managed to grow a following from this that knows and ADORES their brand (resulting in a high returning customer rate and high conversion rate, aka the stuff dreams are made of!) 
  • Their website is simple and effective, and shows an incredibly in-depth understanding of the persona of their customers 
  • They already have email marketing set up to help feed into their marketing ecosystem that ads were about to complete 

Putting all this together, we had the perfect conditions for Facebook ads to completely jetpack their revenues. 


Here is where we really wanted to get stuck in and deep dive into audience research to make sure we were targeting the perfect customers for their brand! It’s no use bringing in a ton of new cold traffic who will purchase once and never return a second time- quality over quantity customers is essential here! We were trying to build a dedicated and loyal new group of purchasers to support the amazing one they already had, and for this it required lots and lots of testing and investigating. Using their existing audience data plus our wealth of experience in the management of fashion e-com funnels, we decided to test 20 interest and pixel data audiences to ensure maximum success.

RESULT: A 20x ROAS which on cold traffic is such a rarity! 


Utilising social proof and UGC (User Generated Content) was CRUCIAL here for capturing those audiences that were beginning to warm, and encouraging them further into the funnel where we could snare them with BOF campaigns (if they hadn’t already bit the bullet and bought!). We wanted to build trust and answer any possible objections the new customers may have felt upon discovering a brand new brand, and there’s nothing like seeing pictures of other ecstatic shoppers to do this! It was also about creating that idea of FOMO- we all know we’ve seen our friends on Instagram rocking amazing outfits and our first thought is always ‘why don’t I own that?!’ 

RESULT: A 22x ROAS with 55 new purchases!


Here is where we kept it simple- we noticed that unusually the BOF campaign was actually performing worse than TOF and MOF, and this was because customers seemed to be in a rush to purchase further up the funnel. I know, I know, what an amazing ‘problem’ to have!  Because of this, we used a classic DPA for retargeting those who hadn’t quite yet hit that ‘buy now’ button, and this seemed to do the trick for mopping up those few people. 


As I’m frequently saying (or banging on about, some might say ), Facebook ads are amazing for revenue growth, but they definitely don’t exist in a vacuum! Just like a tasty garlic bread, they can be enjoyed alone, but work so much better as a part of your amazing main meal (meaning your marketing…is this metaphor working? ). Email marketing was something that in this case helped support the client’s marketing ecosystem, and we made sure it complimented our ad efforts. By using automated post-purchase and abandon cart sequences as well as nurturing emails, we made sure we didn’t lose any potential customers at any stage of the funnel.

Alongside this, we also made use of a retargeting ad campaign that was designed to snatch up those ‘lapsed’ customers at the 30 60 90 day periods and bring them safely back to the fold, and this was the cherry on the top of the ad success. Retargeting campaigns are great because they are super cheap to run and reallllly help build your returning customer rate, which then reflects on your ROAS too, so we didn’t want to neglect this key element of our strategy. 


It’s all about getting your foundations right, and really taking the time to invest in your brand before jumping straight in and throwing money at your Facebook ads. When you get your targeting and strategy spot on, social ads can absolutely supercharge your revenue stream, and if you’re not ready to adapt to this sudden growth, the results can often be catastrophic! Make sure you really investigate the building blocks of your brand and have a plan in place for scaling to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. For example, if you experience a sudden rush in orders, can your stock levels and manpower withstand this jump? Do you have enough hands on deck to manage an uplift in customer service queries, or to jump in and help package your products? These can all seem like small fry concerns, but once you start raking in that big money and being bombarded by increased orders, these small costs and time-draining problems can play a huge part in whether your business sinks or swims! 

Something else that I think is so crucial is to put the work into building your community. As I’ve said above, one of the biggest reasons my agency was SO successful with this particular brand was they had such a buzzy, engaged community who were hungry for their products, so if you don’t have this for your brand, it’s something you NEED to be trying to build. Make sure you’re regularly posting and engaging with your following on socials, forge those personal connections with customers via avenues like email marketing and the overall customer experience, and encourage your customers to share your posts whenever possible! 

I know to a small business owner it can seem like a waste of your (very!) scarce time to be posting on social media and replying to customer comments, but I promise you it can make all the difference when it comes to building that warm audience for your ad targeting! Remember: no man is an island- if you can’t handle doing all this yourself and you can afford it, consider outsourcing your socials to a VA/Social Media Manager and your email marketing to an agency (like my own *wink wink*). You can also schedule in concrete time to batch your content in your calendar so you can plan your week around it. 

Get all your ducks in a row, and you too should be able to see some serious Facebook ad success. 

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