This company reached out to us because they wanted to scale their revenue to $1m over a period of 4 months, as they had an approaching sale valuation. While they had previously tried paid advertising to increase their profits, they had found success to be sporadic and unstable, and needed a better strategy going forward for steady growth


$1m in revenue over a 4 month period at a ROAS of 2.5


In order to achieve maximum success, we wanted to double down on areas of their marketing that were creating the biggest wins. In this case, we were finding Instagram story ads to be most profitable, so we chose to focus on these. We used a combination of UGC and video content to drive engagement and website traffic, and then we were able to use short retargeting windows on Facebook to catch anyone that may have slipped through the funnel


We achieved a $1m in 3 months with an overall ROAS of 2.7